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Exhibition Martial Arts

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In the second half of the twentieth century, the so-called modern wǔ shù was officially established. Characterized by flashy and difficult-to-execute acrobatic movements, but devoid of any martial use, this new wǔ shù led to an era in which exhibition martial arts of would gain ground to the traditional ones. However, these exhibition arts had been present in China for several hundred years.

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The Eight Energies of Tai Ji Quan

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According to the theory of Tài Jí Quán 太極拳, this martial arts system uses eight types of energy or strength (jìn 勁). This word refers to an energy cultivated by the practitioner in a specialized manner, that is, it is the result of a prolonged training, as well as the combination between physical energy, 力 lì, and internal energy, 氣 qì.

Las manos de los 18 Luohan, Chi Kung

The Eighteen Luohan Hands

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The Sup Bot Law Hon Yik Gun Kuen 十八羅漢易筋 拳 is a form of Qi Gong 氣功 belonging to the Luohan system of Choy Li Fut. It is believed that the exercises contained in this form were taught by Bodhidharma to the monks of Shaolin temple to counteract the numbness of the body caused by long hours sitting in meditation.